Smartace Products

Smartace has proprietary and customizable business products suitable for organizations in the public sector, small businesses and large corporate organizations.

These products are designed to help you move away from manual ways of doing things and implement an advanced integrated system across all business functions.

The products will help you manage and boost team productivity while saving time and money.

Ai Chatbox

Automate your customers service and let customers receive satisfactory answers to queries even when you are not available

Smartace HRM

Effectively manage key HR functions and get the best out of your workforce


Track and Store financial information without fear of data breach

Business Process Management

An effective tool to achieve business automation seamlessly

Incident Management

Take complete control of your IT incident management process

Marketing Automation

Manage sales leads seamlessly and nurture them till transaction completion. Also helps you create, manage campaign results effectively

Billing and Collection

Easily manage your billing process and seamlessly eliminate inaccuracies

Fleet Management

Automate fleet management and maintenance operations

Learning Management

Train team members and seamlessly manage their capacity development


Specialized business solutions for management of transportation, distribution and supply chain

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