Smartace HRM

Smartace ERP is a smarter way of managing Human Capital in corporate organizations and MSMEs.

We offer a proven, reliable and innovative integrated solution that caters for every aspect of the Human Resource Management function.

Our ERP system allows you to manage your staffing process, remuneration and benefits, performance appraisal and other HR tasks all in one place and cost effectively.

The system is user friendly, secure and safe.

Employee Management

Recruit, manage and grow your staff team effectively. Smartace ERP lets you simplify your entire staffing process from application to onboarding so that you can hire the right fit for your business and conduct a seamless selection and onboarding process

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Documentation and verification
  • Background checks
‘69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding’
- Study

Remuneration and Benefits

Smartace makes it easy to manage and accurately calculate employee remuneration and benefits, enjoy seamless approval process and securely access benefits related information at anytime.

  • Smartace Payroll
  • Bonuses
  • Travel & related expenses
  • Leave management
’84% of employees with high benefit satisfaction report high job satisfaction’.
- Study

Compliance Management

Easily track employees' time and overtime, clock-in, expense report and time off tailored to your organization's operations and standard.

  • Time and attendance
  • Employee self service
  • Manpower Management
Poorly measured absenteeism affects organizations through lost productivity

Performance Management

Smartace ERP simplifies employee performance documentation and analysis. Document training, job description and appraisals effectively to ensure optimized staff performance.

  • Training
  • Appraisal and performance review
“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace’

SmartAce Basic

(No Customization)

Employee Management


Communication Module (Email only)

Leave Management

Employee Self Service

Document Management Module

Query Management

Request and Complaint

Approval Workflow

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More Features, No Customization

SmartAce Lite

All Smartace basic Features + More

Mobile App

Loan Module

Expense Management


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More Features, Full Customization

SmartAce Pro

All Smartace Lite Features
+ Full Customization + More

HR Chatbot

Time and Attendance

Performance Management


Employee Onboarding

Manpower Planning

Career Succession Planning

Communication Module (SMS Module)


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