Managing Remote work in Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crises has brought the world to its knees as economies of the world are slowly subjecting to the superpowers of the disease. With the implementation of a lock down policy in many states and cities of the world to limit the spread of the virus, many businesses have been forced to shutdown while only businesses who are essential in fighting against the virus are allowed to continue operation 

As of now, scientist are yet to find a breakthrough in producing a vaccine that will help fight the virus. In the light of this, remote work is the best measure many business owners and industry are gearing towards and it is been proven by some expert that this is more likely to be a norm. 

During this period, it is more important than ever to adopt remote management practice not only for the continuity of the business but for the advancement of the business when everything is back to normal. 

Here are some remote management practices that many businesses and industries can apply. 

Tracking Employee Productivity

Moving from an office environment to a work-from-home setting can be mind-boggling. Managing your productivity as an employee can be tasking and immeasurable. Having colleagues around in an office environment can provide some sort of effectiveness and confidence in employees but with the COVID-19 situation, fear, doubt, anxiety makes it hard to concentrate.

Also, as a manager it can also be difficult to keep track of employee’s performance and productivity might be difficult. It is however your job as a manager or team leader to keep everyone on track and also make sure employee’s goals align with that of the company’s. You can schedule a team bonding meeting online whereby every member of the team will pitch in ideas on how to improve productivity and also talk about certain issues they might be encountering 

Finally, the use of a Peoples management software will stand as a reference for task and performance management. With a software like this, employees will be manage their task, view pending task and also manage their working hours

Ensuring Payroll is Accurate

Entitlements like sick leaves and leave bonus have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 crises. Before the crises, payroll departments usually enjoyed more of a back-office and support roles. Now, the department is forced to adapt a remote work and calculate employees compensation for employees working from home. 

One of the best way to ensure payroll accuracy is to use a payroll software that also works with a time and attendance management software and also eliminate payment issues and manage payroll data.