Case Study

How Smartace solved the monthly payroll problem of a State in Nigeria

The Need

The government of one of the 36 states in Nigeria has a problem with its payroll system. It has a monthly burden of paying its huge staff base without human errors, managing long queues formed by pensioners and state employee benefits management.

This created an urgent need to digitize the payroll process and simplifying the Human Resource day to day process of managing workforce and pensioners across tens of Local Governments. The goal was to improve the efficiency of the payroll systems and eradicate human errors and automate pension payment On Time and In Full.

The Process

We deployed Smartace’s proprietary HR management tool to seamlessly capture the data of all members of the workforce across over 50 local government areas.

Each employee had unique ID created for them with the use of an identifier for the system. Hence, they are able to access the system, apply for vacation, download pay slip from various months and view all their information from date of appointment to date of last deployment. Staff Biodata, Bank Details were all captured on the platform and made to be easily downloaded to excel format.

The Outcome

  • Integrated and automated HR platform for over xxx employees
  • Automated pension payment system without pensioners physically appearing for verification